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Pulaski Auto Body uses Chief Laser Lock which is a high-precision, self-leveling, live-mapping collision measuring system. Laser Lock's pinpoint technology helps to identify damage you can see but also primary and secondary damage you can't see.This helps our techs develop more efficient repair plans, and eliminate comebacks. Laser Lock means less prep time in creating faster frame measuring, estimates and precision repairs in real time. This new state of the art ergonomic scanner is designed with easy to reach handles, and its compact and lightweight design reduces target blockage and improves line-of-sight allowing more reference points to be measures. It also comes with a high-strength steel tray for placement under vehicles anchored on pulling systems. It has laser accuracy, consistent accuracy, out of level measuring, simultaneous measuring, continuous measuring and high tech targets.

Laser Lock is the total live mapping system in an all new portable workstation cabinet. This workstation consists of a Windows 7 professional addition computer with Dual high Definition Flat Screen Monitors with heavy-duty CPU with Extreme Graphics, DVD player and a 6 Channel high output audio system. The remaining three rows are for storing the hole attachments and clips used for fast and easy positioning, bolt attachments and clips, and the targets for multiple point measuring. The exclusive chief software is quick and easy to navigate and comes with a high-speed, high resolution color printer which is safely stored in the cabinet bottom alongside the laser body scanner.